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Originally Posted by Scorpiogrrl4405 View Post
Then do Scorpie a favor and help her out:

Here's the deal: Scorpie's sister has this guy friend, and he has his own online radio station which can be found here:

Its a Spanish language station, but every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm PST they play metal music and from what she told me they take requests.

So I'd appreciate it if you guys gave it a listen during that time.

Because by helping him, you are making him happy, which makes her happy, which will make me happy cuz then I can pretty much ask for whatever the hell I want from her, what with my birthday only a few weeks away

So please, help your favorite Scorpie out here. I'll give you a cookie if you do

Thank you
I'll check it out!

Check out my YouTube.
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