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Default Bryan Callen Reflects

Bryan Callen has been cast in a leading role for the upcoming adventure comedy movie "The Mirror".
From Big Screen Entertainment (OTC:BSEG) is pleased to announce Bryan Callen to the cast of BSEG's feature film, "The Mirror." Bryan's previous credits include co-starring in the Kirstie Alley show "Fat Actress," HBO's "Sex and the City" and "Oz," as well as being an original cast member of "Mad TV." Bryan's feature films include the mega hits "Bad Santa" and "Old School."

In "The Mirror," Callen plays Harvey Mancini, a sleazy producer who is searching for buried treasure left by 1930s film legend Johnny Rambova. "Bryan brings such humor and likability to a difficult part. His character is hustling everyone, yet he manages to be menacing and funny all in one," said Stephen Eckelberry, the film's director and BSEG's VP of production.
Sounds like a decent B grade movie, and while its not likely to be a smash hit (what with the parallels to National Treasure and Sahara), it should earn Bryan a reasonable pay packet.
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