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Default The "Intended for Children" TV Shows Thread

For MADfan and his unhealthy/borderline creepy obsession with children's programming, I have started this thread for him to let out his bottled feelings on swearing and the effects of puberty on children tv shows and their stars.

I'll start off this thread with the news that the internet has been a buzz with, Amanda Bynes retirement from the biz. After seeing the way she did it, and the fact that she said it, I'm starting to get the feeling that this may just be a ploy of hers to get attention. I mean, if she had not said anything no one probably would have noticed, and she did it through Twitter, a way that was going to get her noticed. I think she might be doing this to get some attention from Hollywood execs for future movie roles.
Along with this, if she's having trouble finding good work, maybe she should switch agents. If you can't find you good work, then it's partly the agents fault. There are roles I know she can do, like maybe a role on iCarly (because the show is a connection to the All That tree) or some other kids show, since that is where she hit the big time. There are roles she can do, she just needs to look for them.

Now why I have brought this up is because I recently came across a page that shows all the spinoffs directly and indirectly of All That!. It's quite a list. I couldn't believe some of the shows that were there. I was surprised to find out that Angela Anaconda was an indirect spinoff of it. That show to me was one of my favourite kids shows mostly because it ran on the cable station Teletoon, and while I was able to watch it at my daycare, I could never watch it at home because my parents were too cheap to get cable until 2001. Therefore the show was always what I considered to be the Cablmerican Dream. It's hard to believe the amount of shows that spun off from All That!, and that are still splitting off of All That! It's really the one constant of a Nick that changes as frequently as the weather.


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