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I saw a horrible interview she did back on the old Spike Ferenstine show, that was just so campy and annoying (much like the show was), and even if I haven't seen a lot of what she's done let's not forget that she appeared on Playboy without showing her boobs or vag, and when someone who is bearly known gets treated like a huge star, so huge that she can go against what the magazine has done for 50 years, that's just unforgivable.

Also, you can just tell that she's full of herself in the interview. From the Obama thing, to the fact that she's trying to tell the story of what happened and slipping in the F-word every whenever a question is asked to her. Which she obivously didn't say but she's trying to make herself sound cooler by saying it, and if that's going to be her style on the Daily Show, then goodbye Daily Show.


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