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Originally Posted by tvmanismadformad View Post
Also, what's the problem with this Olivia Munn girl? I saw one thing she did on Spike Firestine last year that was pretty crappy, but I still don't understand what's so bad about her.
She's completely and utterly fake, uninteresting and just a waste of air time. Here's an itemized list for you:
  1. She's on G4 network which singlehandedly ruined tech-oriented television.
  2. She's on AOTS which every day desecrates the legacy of The Screen Savers.
  3. She is put on the network as one of 100 bimbos who pretend to be "nerdy" by dressing up in comic book costumes or reading scripted dialog about tech stuff, when she's really just a model. The prevailing wisdom is that geeks are idiots and will buy/watch anything if a "hot" chick pretends like she's at all interested in anything they are into (vidya games, anime, comics, etc).
  4. Talentless.
  5. Overrated in terms of physical appearance. No breasts, no ass. It's just that people judge her on a "nerd chick" scale when in reality she isn't that either.
  6. Does a non-nude pictorial in Playboy. Seriously, WTF. That is effectively stealing Hugh Hefner's money while acting like you're above the publication that pays you. Nobody gives a shit that you took some bikini or handbra photos. Go take that nonsense to Cosmo. Where I come from it's tits or GTFO and she does neither.

So in short, I hope her show fails and I hope she dies in some sort of fire.


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