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Matt, there are 2 L's at the end of her name

RALEIGH, NC-10/18/2003

She earned her shot

I was out last week and got the chance to see and meet a breath of fresh air.

Her name is Melissa Paull. She is a stand up comic whose wit and charm are ready to take it to the next level (the nationally televised skit TV show type of level). Alive, real, and creative are the words that best describe her act and from what I could see, Melissa as well. She has worked hard to achieve her dream including waiting tables, day jobs, as well as a relentless belief in what she could do. As a Service Industry Vet (SIV) supports her all the way.

Years of the same ridiculous schedule break most hopeful comedians. A consistent dose of Comedy clubs at night and working by day has only helped this comic develop her craft and style. Free flowing dialog of a trip to the playboy mansion and an explanation as to why shy girls get laid are highlights of her show. She has a face that could be found in any high school yearbook, but a gleam in her eye that defines her. They connect her with the audience.

I was in the audience at Charlie Goodnights in Raleigh NC and was blown away. Some comics you remember for what they say and some for how they act. You will remember Melissa for both. Her energy on stage gave a well-needed jolt to the crowd. Her performance grabbed me from the start when an early joke included the phrase, "You know the drill," a reference to Dillon McKay of 90210. It meant two things: One - she was from my generation and Two - she didn't take herself seriously. Which as weird as it sounds, is a big flaw in a lot of comics. During the rest of her act she kept the energy and laughter of the crowd up. She finished with a bang jumped off the stage with the same enthusiasm she bounded on to it thirty minutes earlier.

After the show I got her attention with a T shirt. I was nervous. This was my first time approaching anyone to try and get info for my magazine. "Dope Shirt" she said, which reinforced the two things from the 90210 quote and calmed my nerves. It turns out that her stage personality is not confined to the 4x5 area where she performs. I gave her the short/skinny of and the T-shirt. I think she liked both because she told me she would wear the shirt the next night for her show. Melissa's work has paid off. She has made crowds in comedy clubs laugh, as well as, the creators of MAD TV.

"People recognize hard work," was how she described her latest opportunity. Melissa is going to be a cast member of MAD TV coming up in November. Skit comedy is a little different from the stand up circuit of LA, but she seems ready for the challenge. She has been working on voices and ideas for the last month or two. I can't wait to see what is in store for her.

It is one of's missions to support those who have served. (No pun intended) We hope that all of you who visit our magazine check out Melissa whether she is doing stand up or in your living room on the tube. You will laugh. Oh and that draft you feel is nothing but a breath of fresh air.
Melissa Paull

Melissa Paull has left the lab. I feel like my daughter has just went out and got her own apartment.

She started working for me at Polygram Music Publishing, as my intern,she was shy (yes, shy) and I think 17. I remember on her last day there, I introduced her to vinyl. I said "Go forth and find me track 3 on this LP by War" She went into acting, and became BORED BY IT ALL DARLING!

Let's do stand up comedy!
In a year and half she went from running around town getting up, anywhere, and everywhere, even the office! Free comedy, but she always charges us the two drink minimum.

She has left to become a regular on MAD TV, starting in November, I have TIVO ready, she is funny, no FUNNY! We miss her, we cried, go forth and kick Hollywood in the ass, they deserve it!

Melissa passes her torch onto Heather Kreamer, so Hello Heather, and see you on TV Melpaull

Danny Benair 2003

What happened to Andrae?
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