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Default Safer sex speaker warns, entertains

Lisa Kushell puts a condom over the head of Dean Hall, senior in computer engineering, Tuesday evening in Forum Hall. Kushell was at K-State to speak about safe sex practices during the speech entitled "Hot, Sexy and Safer II."

More than 250 students gathered Tuesday night to have a group sexual experience.

Lisa Kushell, comic and actress from Los Angeles, presented "Hot, Sexy and Safer II" at Forum Hall. The program was designed to challenge students to think about sex and their bodies.

"As children, we are not embarrassed by our bodies. It is only as adults we learn to be embarrassed," Kushell said.

There are two types of sex: safe sex and safer sex. Safe sex is a sexual experience with yourself, while safer sex is a sexual experience with another human being without the influence of drugs and alcohol, she said.

"Drinking and sex do not mix," Kushell said.

Most bad experiences and date rapes occur when alcohol is involved, she said.

Students risk their reputations, dignities and lives when they mix alcohol and sex.

"If someone has been drinking, please take their keys, call a cab or let them sleep over," Kushell said.

The risk also includes sexually transmitted diseases.

"We didn't start talking about them until HIV and AIDS," Kushell said.

At one point, high-risk groups were identified and anyone not in those groups thought they had nothing to worry about, she said.

"I'm personally sick of stereotyping," she said. "The disease doesn't go to groups. It is going to the people who put themselves at risk."

One way to be safe is to use a condom.

"A condom can fit any man," Kushell said.

To prove her point, she put a condom over a student's head.

"I felt safe," Dean Hall, senior in computer engineering, said.

Another way to be safe is to be sexual and sensual without intercourse, she said

"There doesn't have to be intercourse to have sex," she said.

Kushell also said open, honest and verbal communication in a relationship is important.

"It's much easier to tell someone what you want," she said.

Talking to each other helps the couple to be less vulnerable and more comfortable.

"Guys are brought up to be comfortable with themselves. Girls are not," Kushell said.

Women are taught to be embarrassed about themselves, she said

"I want every woman in this room to go home and look at their private parts," she said.

While women are looking at themselves, they should tell themselves that their bodies belong only to them, and that they only have to share it when they are ready spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Kushell was brought to campus by the Union Program Council Issues and Ideas Committee, Lafene Health Center and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

"Sex and equality between genders is not really discussed in any other lecture series, and how genders relate to each other is an important topic," Matt Jones, Issues and Ideas Committee chair, said.

The program was exciting and educational, and she kept the audience entertained, Hall said.

Kushell gives the presentation year-round to college students across the country. Mainly she talks to college freshmen, athletic groups and occasionally at open presentations, she said.

"This has been extremely fulfilling for me. Not only the performing, but educating people on safe sex and helping women to know about their bodies," Kushell said.


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