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LOL, I love it. There's some switch logic in Cameron's programming that determines how she will persuade a human to do something. If they are younger than 14 or so, she lifts them up by the shirt and gives them the stink eye. If they are older than maybe 30 she'll choke them but if they are 14-30 she deploys boobies.

I'm not sure how to take Sarah's decision though. It was indeed a split second decision but she seemed to make it with such quiet resolve. I guess we can assume that she sees John can handle shit on his own and knows from the stunt he pulled to bust her out of prison that she would be an even greater liability in the future.

I would also like to say at this point that this series was far more entertaining for me than any of the Terminator films, especially the most recent piece of garbage they churned out.

Also I had no friggn idea that Weaver was the lead singer of Garbage. It appears that this might have been one of her first acting roles and she seems to have done a pretty good job. At times Weaver's dialog was a bit annoying, consisting mostly of things like "yes it does", "no it doesn't", etc, but she was overall quite good. In fact I'd probably rate Riley, Jesse, and John as the worst actors on the show.


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