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Originally Posted by NemesisDesign View Post
I think I like your theory of splintering timelines into the future, but at that point it would be hard to stay motivated to fix the future. If all that work resulted in 1 of 100 futures not resulting in J-Days and then you jump to that reality, how good are you feeling about yourself knowing that there's a nuclear holocaust in the other 99.
Ah, but is that a reality of which they'd even be cognizant?

Assuming a multi-timeline scenario, had Skynet killed young Kyle in one shot like I suggested, that gives us two timelines, and one would assume the most recently created one becomes the "correct" one. In it, Kyle dies, John is never born, Skynet is created, wins the war, and can then focus on defeating John in the other timeline from two fronts -- be it immediately, assuming they *do* know what's going on, or be it further down the line when soldiers start mysteriously appearing from that alternate reality. As is, though, the fabric of time has been divided and subdivided and subsubdivided so many times that, if either side was aware of the complexities of the situation, they'd surely lay down their arms and quit. Or, if nothing else, quit using time travel and concentrate on the countless additional wars they've already inadvertently created.

Upon further contemplation and some very strange dreams...

...I think I see a little more value in the last scene with Cameron and John, but more as a showcase for Summer's acting ability and the flickers of emotion you started seeing in Cameron near the end.
Potentially valid, I guess, but they could've just as easily showcased her progress in any number of other ways. If my theory didn't have at least *something* to do with it, I'll eat my own shoe.

Are there any other possible reasons John could have followed Weaver into the future *except* to chase Cameron's chip? Could he conceivably feel that he was needed to aid Weaver in destroying SkyNet (if she truly is on his side)?
Without living through everything and building the legend of John Connor, though, he amounts to little more in the future than a punk kid, as we plainly saw before the show faded to black for the final time. Then again, it *was* a split-second decision, so I suppose it could be argued that this was another point he simply didn't spend enough time considering.

Thing is, with John Henry, Cameron's chip, and, as far as we know, friendly liquid metal now in the near-future (as opposed to the distant future we've always seen in the flashforwards), the Resistance now has the jump on Skynet, and, assuming a single timeline, the war is all but over. John could've just as easily stayed where he was, washed his hands of the matter, and taken the empty Cameron shell home for use as an even realer RealDoll. Then again, perhaps it's current John's expertise in such areas prior to anyone else possessing such expertise that establishes him as the John Connor of tomorrow; after all, we *did* see a similarly aged John in a flashforward once earlier in the show's run. Moreover, it's possible that, having known her eventual course at Zeira immediately following the meeting with Ellison and knowing full well she couldn't convince John to do the right thing with words alone, the booby scene was a calculated manipulation on Cameron's part to ensure John jumped through with her. Epiphany? Did I just crack this series wide open? See, this right here is the value of a good argument.

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