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Originally Posted by NemesisDesign View Post
Ugh I'm just fucking angry now. I knew I'd feel this way but I really just hate how you can get so invested in a decent show and then just know that the door is closed and nothing else will come of it.
Hence, the reason for my three-seasons policy. I was broken up about the Prison Break cancellation as well, but at least I understood and appreciated it -- they'd done about all they could with the concept, and better to end the show on a high note than become the next "24". This one, though, was nothing short of a slap in the face -- particularly for someone with absolutely nothing else going on in his life. And to think, it was doing just fine on Monday night (even in the face of competition from Heroes, Dancing with the Stars, Monday Night Football, Monday Night Raw, et al) until Joss came along needing a lead-in. Thanks again, old pal.

Truly, 'tis better to have never loved at all than to have loved and lost. I'm not sure why I broke policy in the first place for a franchise I was only checking out on a friend's recommendation and, at the time, had no interest in whatsoever (I still haven't seen any of the movies), but I surely won't be breaking it again.

What doesn't make sense is how Derek Reese goes from dead in the past to alive in the future. They can do all they want between the time Weaver and John jump forwards, but that won't make Derek any less dead.
That's a definite noodle-scratcher. My theory is, when you jump back, obviously, there's only one possible version of the past -- everything that came prior is set in stone from that point forward (at least in that particular timeline) -- but when you jump *forward*, you can potentially find yourself in any of the various temporal permutations created by Skynet and the Resistance's meddling. When you skip over time that's already been divided into a nearly infinite number of slices by such meddling (a number that'll only further increase between point A and point B), I'm not sure where you end up should (or even could) necessarily reflect where you came from.

That said, it could be argued that Skynet is needlessly complicating things for itself. It probably would've been more prudent for it to start by sending a single T-888 back after, say, young Kyle Reese instead of further and further segmenting the timeline by gunning for John and Sarah, both of whom know exactly what's coming and which portion of the head to slice open to stop it. Or perhaps Myron Stark could've taken out Kyle and Sarah's grandparents instead of powering down in a building for some reason for 80 years. But then, like Deadeye Cromartie's immaculate aim (*cough*), this is the kind of disbelief you just have to suspend when it comes to such complex subject matter. Sure, the entire series could've been resolved in the first episode, but where's the fun in that?

Another thing one might wonder is, which temporal permutation is the "correct" one? Which one ends up being the true fate of the world? Where does the war end? Can either entity ever truly defeat the other via time travel gymnastics, given that, even if, say, John is killed, one of the Johns from the future permutations in which he's still alive could then send someone back to eliminate whatever eliminates him? Or was this Skynet's master plan all along -- to kill John, or, failing that, to create such an overabundance of timelines in which it exists and possesses time travel that it becomes virtually impossible to eradicate? Food for thought.

EDIT: Epiphany! Future Derek was killed, but young Derek (the one they saw in the park) grows up to become new future Derek, which revalidates the possibility of a single timeline and makes significantly more sense, but is significantly less interesting. Mind you, an awful lot has transpired at this point without the timeline suddenly reverting to its most recent alteration. If there is, indeed, only one timeline and Skynet is constantly working to change it, shouldn't the show constantly be cutting back to five weeks/five months/five years in the past and continuing on from there? Or, if nothing else, shouldn't things at least be materializing and dematerializing out of the blue every so often? I think there's a definite case to be made for both theories, as neither seems to be bulletproof.

Oh and the scene with Cameron and John just totally ruined my whole argument about sexual tension.
Well, that, and his split-second decision to potentially doom mankind by chasing the shebot he supposedly has no feelings for whatsoever into the future. If that's not love, I don't know what is. I don't hold it against him, though. I totally would've done the same thing. And then I would've realized she's now a big burly man and facepalmed for several days.

It was so weird and out of place it almost didn't make sense, but I just took it as the writers having a bit of fun.
"Hey, our ratings are in the toilet, we're almost certainly going to be cancelled, and we'll never see Summer Glau in that state of undress again. Quick, someone think up a hamfisted way to get her top off!"

Oh well, at least he got to see Glau's tits which is more than I can say for myself
Based on how criminally shy she is and the fact that even actors with no shortage of confidence like Vince Vaughn and Megan Fox are constantly yapping about the cocksocks and nipple pasties they wore in their latest flicks, I'm assuming all the naughty parts are sufficiently covered when she participates in such scenes. At least, that's how I make it through my days now without putting a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains all over the wall.

Originally Posted by NemesisDesign View Post
Ok so wikipedia cleared up part of the above. I guess feeling inside of her was a way for him to be reassured that her nuclear core wasn't leaking.
Yeah, that. Better timed and better promoted, that scene alone could've provided the ratings boost they needed to make the case for a third season, but alas, no such luck/foresight. Completely ridiculous, my eyes nearly roll clear out of their sockets every time I see it, but I guess they had to get her top off somehow.

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