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Originally Posted by mizzimad View Post
Having NRJ's Condi in a DPTTM sketch, if that is indeed what's being planned, might help to spice things up a bit. During the last few seasons, however (esp. 11), I don't think I've laughed once at a Mofaz sketch. We'll see. I always give each sketch the benefit of the doubt, even if the doubt far outweights the potential benefit in my mind.

Yeah, of course you know we gots ta give it up for Sean. Uh...*bobs his head*...hyello?
Yeah, I kinda agree with you, the Season 9/10 Mofaz sketches werent as good as others. And if I can't even remember the Season 11 ones, they musta been BAD. (Actually, I don't think I ever saw the 1108 one, and I vaguley remember the 1121 one now...I don't think I was too fond of it).

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