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Originally Posted by dumbguy View Post
I missed the first two sketches "Black Friday" and "#1 Capote". Is there anywhere I can see them? Someone mentioned Frank was in the first Capote, which actor did he play in it?
I hope I'm not too late with this, but ORLYOwl uploaded the Black Friday sketch to YouTube yesterday.

As for Capote Sequel #1 (titled "infamous"), I think that Frank was Phillip Seymour Hoffman because that was the only actor whose name was mentioned during the segment.

I suppose, while I'm at it, I should compile all the sketches that have been found online so far. In additon to the Dane Cook and Black Friday sketches, here are some more (FYI, I didn't upload any of them. I just search for them.) ...

"The Sound of Music" Alternate Endings:

Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive Pt. II

The 2006 Cactus Ridge P.G.A. Desert Classic
(Go to, then enter "madtv caddie" as the search terms)
(Unfortunately, the last few seconds have been cut off)

I would think that there are some other sketches floating elsewhere, but YouTube and are the only viral video networks that I've relied upon so far.

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