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Open: Black Friday - After seeing real-life footage of lunatics crushing each other while trying to squeeze through department store doorways, this rang very true. Crista's so great at portraying frantic, unbalanced characters, it makes me wonder if she's really acting.

Capote #1-3 - This gave me a few laughs, but they seem to be falling in love with the "beat the point to death" premise (i.e. - Michael's John Kerry jokester, and the Baby Suri Cruise-Holmes-Hubbard bits from the past few shows.)

Coach Hines: Homecoming Game - I hate Coach Hines, but I laughed at that line Jordan delivered about his shorts being "so high, they'd fail a drug test!"

PGA Tour in Arizona - I hated this until Devil Bobby appeared. What can I say? Bobby brings the funny.

Celebrity Pets: Tom Cruise's Cat - Thought the Mariah Carey one was lame, and this one too.

Sound of Music: Alternate Endings - Loved this. Solid stuff from everyone, especially Nicole Parker.

Dane Cook Standup - I think Dane Cook is one of the few things Ike does well, but I agree with those who feel this is in serious danger of overexposure.

OJ Simpson Hidden Interview - I flashed back to Orlando Jones. His OJ was better, but I like how they captured the current OJ's receding hairline and expanding forehead. This could have been better, but it was okay.

Attitudes and Feelings... Pt. 2 - Glad to see this bizarre sketch back. And glad I recorded it, to read that very long, blink and you'd miss it monologue from the chick. But after reading it, if you didn't record it, you didn't really miss anything.

Weekly News with Toby: Celebrity Divorces - Stop beating stuff to death, just for the sake of beating stuff to death.

Happy Feet Premiere - Arden has really grown on me over the past two seasons. She's terrific on the carpet, as well as in the studio.

A step up, again. The first three episodes this season weren't an illusion. Overall, I like the way this season's going. Much better than last.

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