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Default Episode S06E05 (Aired 2000-11-04)

Cast: Nelson Ascencio, Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Christian Duguay, Michael McDonald, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Featuring: Andrew Daly and Jeff Richards

Guest Starring: Chyna, Jackie Zeman, Rebecca Herbst and Jacob Young
  • Music Video: George "Dubya" Bush "Country Slammer" (From the CD: "Major League A**hole, Death Row Records, Director: Barbara Bush; Christian- George W. Bush, Andrew- Dick Cheney)
  • Steven Seagal's America: Voting (Will- Steven Seagal, Alex- Magda, Jeff Richars?, Christian, Aries)
  • Al Gore Door to Door (Mo- herself, Michael- Al Gore)
  • Bill's New Job On General Hospital (Will- Bill Clinton, Jackie Zeman, Rebecca Herbst: Elizabeth Webber-Lansing, Jacob Young- Lucky Spencer #2)
  • Reading Caboose: National Convention (Mo- Ms. Janis, Michael- Conductor Clark, Nicole- Ms. Lucy)
  • Chyna And The Rock (Chyna, Will- The Rock, Nelson)
  • Office Fightin' (Christian, Michael- Fightin' Ron, Mo- Kathy, Nelson, Chyna- Tina)
  • Reality Check: George W. Bush (Debra- Tovah McQueen, Aries- Belma Buttons, Christian- George W. Bush)
  • Jib Jab Animation *animation*
  • Close: Will & Cast

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