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Ike's Dressing Room: This was a fun way to bring Ike and Bobby back to the show. I did find it funny that Ike has stuff hidden throughout his dressing room. Though it didn't make sense that Bobby was hiding in Ike's dressing room the whole time since Ike left after season 12, and Bobby stayed until the end of the show in season 14, I still found it funny.

Open: Ike & Bobby's Lovechild: This is the kind of absurdity I like on MADtv. Just stuff that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I also like the name Bike.

Princess Polly: Did anybody like Saltzman or Wise show Carlie a little character called Disney Girl by Nicole Parker at all? Because this character is almost exactly like / too much like Disney Girl. Don't get me wrong, Carlie was great in it and it was funny, but if you go watch the first Disney Girl sketch, it is so similar to this with the fact that she is trying to work at a theme park and everything. The only thing that is different from Disney Girl is Carlie's inability to sing, which is the best part of Disney Girl! Despite all this, I still liked the sketch. Carlie really sold it with her attitude, and I really enjoyed the beginning the most. Funny stuff.

The Blind Kung Fu Master: James Bond: I know people (Planet MADtv) doesn't like Bobby or his characters, but I do, and Blind Kung Fu Master is one of his best. It's unique and like no other character on MADtv. This sketch however was not as good as some of the other ones. I did like a lot of things in it like no reference for blue, the blacks, and the lazer cut on the greatly named Ta Ta Aplenty. Lots of good stuff, but not as good as some of the other BKFM sketches.

Rio 2016 Coverage: Liked this sketch too. Jeremy killed it in this one. I agree that he should play Leslie Jones in a sketch. Kind of wish this sketch was longer. Very good.

Shark Tank #1: Great sketch from Bobby and Ike. Not much to say, but it was a fun sketch. I wish though that the cast put more effort into their impressions. Carlie was good, but Piotr's Kevin O'Leary was not close in the voice, Amir was totally out of place, and Chelsea's Lori Grenier was not accurate at all. Adam's Mark Cuban though was not taken far enough. There was so much you could do with that impression. Shame. Still a good sketch though.

Idina Menzel Vs Kristen Chenoweth: I did not love this sketch. It was another unfortunately outdated sketch. It didn't really have an ending, and just wasn't very good to me. Probably the worst sketch of the night.

Safe Space: We go from the worst sketch of the night to the best sketch of the night. This was one of the best sketches we have seen so far and is likely a highlight of the season. I love the trigger talk, and everyone was on point. This is the kind of sketches I want to see. Accurate to today's culture, funny, and memorable. I hope this can become a character sketch someday.

Shark Tank #2: Good again. Bobby and Ike really sell it with their facial expressions. The best part was when they are caught and Ike just says "Ah son of a bitch".

Miss Mullens: Just behind Safe Space is this one. I laugh a lot at this. Like when Chelsea kept saying "I heard some giggles", or when she said that the mentally challenged girl was going to be ripping tickets at a movie theatre, or when she kept referring to that one kid as Gay Shawn. So good.

Shark Tank #3: Perfect for the last pitch. I even like the teleporting out idea. Good end to the sketch.

Close: Ike, Bobby and the Cast: A good ending. Not much to say.

This was the kind of episode that I hope to see on the show in the future. it was funny and solid all the way through. The cast is really coming into their own. Hope this kind of production continues.

As for the score, of a total of 60 stars, this episode got 47, that's about a B+ rating. A good rating for a good episode.


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