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Safe Space was obligatory, but a treat nonetheless. If you know someone like this (and, at this point, who among us doesn't?), you probably found a lot to like here.

I was going to make a crack about Michelle's overacting, but then, I guess this is MADtv.

Between Brian Williams and Jeff Goldblum, Piotr is starting to show some serious impressionist chops, but even he must stand in sheer awe of Carlie's bang-on perpetual Arden Myrin.

Jeremy as female Ghostbuster Leslie Jones -- make it happen, writers. Even if you've already wrapped the season, go back and make it happen.

He's probably lurking, so... great job, Bobby!

Based solely on promise, I'm making Piotr my MVP this week, even though he, like Jeremy last week, was barely present.

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