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I watched this episode.

I voted for the Miss Mullen sketch as my favorite sketch. I didn't expect for the teacher's aide (I think that was the teacher's aide or else someone's mother) to be kicked out of the room.

I also liked the Idina vs. Kristin sketch. I was laughing when Lyric was trying to call out Dick Cheney when Kristin hid behind him.

Jeremy in the Rio 2016 Coverage sketch. OMG! Him as the rhythmic gymnast. All I could think of was that's Leslie Jones from SNL. I think he should do a Leslie Jones impression in the future.

I guess the classic sketches are here to stay, but at least they picked a better one this time.

Bunifa's Driving Test:

Bunifa: Yo, Yo, Yo. Who you callin' a bitch? Do I look like yo momma?
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