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I've wondering that for years as well ComedyFanatic. I always thought it was a shame he didn't last longer on Mad Tv, and an even bigger shame he never did much after Mad Tv. I always thought he had a real comedy star potential, like someone wrote on his IMDb board, he seemed like he could've been a really funny Jim Carrey after "In Living Color" type breakout star. Here's some info I've gathered from IMDb and other places over time. One mention I remember mentioning that he doesn't act in tv or movies anymore because he left Hollywood/LA not too long after Mad Tv let him go and he moved backed to his birthstate Ohio and he's one of the owners of a popular Ohio gaming shop called Wexford Hill Hobbies that specalizes in stuff like D&D miniatures, card games, board games and so on. They mentioned he's sort of a local celebrity in the area and still does stand-up comedy around different Ohio areas and occasionally other states. Kinda a shame that he's not in any movies or anything anymore, he was a real talent.

Oh yeah, and I also remember that he was planning on doing a sketch show on Comedy Central called "The Pat Kilbane Show", he made a pilot for them in 2003, but it never ended up being made into a tv show. Between Mad Tv firing him and his show not getting picked up, maybe he just decided to leave showbiz for the most part. (doing the occasional independent film, he has a movie listed as coming out in 2006, never heard of it though) It's too bad his tv show didn't get picked up, it sounded really funny and it would've been awesome to see a whole tv show starring Pat.

There's other former Mad cast members with less credits though, last time I checked, Nelson Ascencio, Christian Duguay and Brooke Totman only had like 1 or 2 other credits besides Mad Tv. I always wondered what became of them as well.
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