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Default My Review

Bobby Gets Judged: Good opening. Michael's Simon is great, and so's Nicole's Paula. The highlight was when Simon called Bobby Blobby.

Montel Video: Another appearance by Montel Chilliams is always good to see. The highlight was him counting how many people he will bang.

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #57: Ah, this was really filler.

L.A.P.D. Piñatas: Funny. Not side splittingly funny, but funny. The highlight was Pete beating the Piñata saying that he came at him and that he had to do it.

Barack Obama Crashes Hillary Clinton's Woman of the Year Celebration: The first appearance of what would be many Barack Obama impressions by Keegan. This was one of the best. The highlight was Barack's anger in being compared to Wayne Brady. Beware the wrath of Barack!

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #112: Filler.

Proposal at the Aviary: Disgusting and I loved it! Only MADtv would come up with something so gross and disgusting, and actually have the balls to put it through. The highlight was at the end when Michael and Nicole are covered in bird poop. This was mostly due to the fact that Nicole's face was completely covered and looked like she had a weird shaped bowl on her head.

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #204: This one was one of the better ones. The highlight was Ike's non-shalaunt way of noticing that there is a dead body in the corner of the warehouse.

Blind Kung Fu Master in Space #1: Nothing like the world's greatest warrior to bring some comedy. The highlight was him getting kicked in the crotch.

Wing Woman: Arden just proves how annoying she is. The highlight was Arden crying drunk and going off on Bobby.

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #189: This one doesn't make sense because, how could this ever be a Law and Order opening? Sometimes it's ok if a sketch doesn't make total sense, but in this case it is not ok. The highlight was Jordan's reaction to finding the lamp.

Celebrity Pets: Dick Cheney's Dog, Rufus *Claymation*: Like we didn't know this already.

3 Minute Valentine: Love Wendy! She is great, and to see another one of these is a gift. I do wish however that there were more problems. I mean, the only physical problems were the ice cream, and the nuts. The highlight was when Wendy got so mad that she tried to bite through the nuts with her teeth and lost one.

Unused Law and Order Opening: Treasure Hunt: It seems so odd that MADtv would spend all this money to get such a high profile actress like Kate Walsh of Grey's Anatomy, and use her at the end of the show, for such a low grade sketch. Why not use her in a Grey's Anatomy parody. That would have been funny. Maybe they could have combined Grey's with House? The highlight was the finding of the dead cat. That cat was scary.

Blind Kung Fu Master in Space #2: Again, Filler. Probably wasn't even needed.

Out of 75 stars this episode got 511/2. That's a C+ rating. Not too bad of an episode.


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