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Default Carlos mencia SUCKS!!

I was just riffling through channels and found myself in the unlucky position of viewing, for a brief moment, a Carlos mencia stand up special on CC. I personally feel that if comedy central is looking to diminish ratings and lose it's loyal viewing public, Mencia is the right tool. "TOOL", being the key word. This guy is so untalented and unfunny, I find myself cringing in disgust. Not only at his unbearably bad jokes ( humor in general), but also that he and comedy central cannot seem to grasp that fact that he is a complete hack without a single shred of talent in his now "girl like" body. This guy should just throw in the towel and get a job at taco bell. Maybe there he'll get a few laughs, but they would most likely be out of pity or at least confusion as to why Carlos is telling a joke in the first place. .......if this seems to be rambling on, it is most likey cause of the 3 minutes of mencia stand up I endured. Depleting thousands of my brain cells, second after second, this mans material will turn a smart man into a bumbling fool. sum:
Carlos. You suck! You are not funny. You are not smart. Nobody likes you. Anyone besides your mother who told you that you are funny, was a liar, or just looking for a handout of some of that money you earned ( god knows why??!) acting like a f@$?'g complete ass!! Set the mic down. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! Stick to the only part of your act that is true........being a f'n RETARD!!!!
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