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trust me,its pulling at my heart strings too.
It wasn't just her moving on but i was indirectly led to believe that at some point there could be a reunion between us so i've never tried to get over her...instead just waiting for her to be ready to be with me again.In the space of a week it went from her being confused about feelings(its someone she works with...go figure) to her being in a relationship with this person.
i don't even know who she is anymore cause this seems so out of character and her behaviour towards me(how i found out,her seemingly nonchalance since) have really gotten under my skin.She does not seem like the person i just spent 6 years of my life with.
She took me off facebook/twitter as well as my family a few days ago and i was offended by this but considering i don't want her in my life right now,its obviously for the best.
I have actually considered going to see someone to talk about it cause i just don't know what to do next or where to go from here.i never thought this would happen and i've been very ill prepared.
I felt like after i had talked to her and gotten everything off my chest that i was on the way up but i had a set back today and felt like i was at square one.ive been told though i can expect these mood turn arounds for a while yet on my road to recovery.
oh joy

Sorry for boring you guys with my sap story...this is just consuming my life right now.

And yes..u don't want to be known as the guy thats prowling on all the girls at'd just come off as a jerk..there are girls out there that like nice guys that aren't so aggressive in that sense
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