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well, to be honest, I simply was curious. I wouldn't judge him either way.
AND by the way Mad Dog, as a TRUE Clay AIken fan I have had that fight (about whether it's anyone's business) MANY a time with people. I can't STAND when people pick on clay b/c THEY think he's gay...who really freakin' cares?? I love him no matter what! Now, yes Ron plays clay as gay....but it's not the same as what I'm talking about. He doesn't call him profanities(sp?) and degrade all the clay fans out there. but that's a whole other story....
My bestest guy-friend who almost became my roomate the year is gay and I love him more b/c of it. He has taught me not to judge and to appreciate people for who they are.

No, it's not our business...but to me it helps me understand Ron better as an actor.
end of discussion.

Now, here's something someone might be able to answer...
How tall is Ron? I know that's a stupid question, but around Micheal and Ike everyone looks like a freakin' midget! But I know he's taller than Stephanie. The only reason I'm interested is for a clay vs. clay comparision.


Quotes of the Moment:

Mr. Brightling to Ron:
"You pasty face, 4 eyes, stripped-shirt, spiky-haired, modern, fem-metrosexual MALE!!"
Wow, how'd he know??
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