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Originally posted by Jim_Cockhurtz
Madtvlover, I know you can help me with this
Of course I can Jim!! I've put in these add-ins to the best of my knowledge of Steph's characters...however I am in a bit of a hurry so I may leave a few things out and if you see anything that needs to be corrected please let me know!!


-Dot loves to show off her (non-magic) magic tricks
-Is constantly abused in the hands of her father
-Although she is mistaken as some what mentally impaired, she isn't....she's just a normal 7 year old girl
-Is always full of inanities....completely inane


-Her husband has never appeared also
-Has the capability and truthfullness to tell people like it is
-Despite her age...she has only one wrinkle and she sits on it
-Steph streches her Texan accent to do Mrs. Campbell

I've always wondered what ever happened to that big fake nose Mrs.Campbell wore in her first sketch...I've never seen again after that


-Loves to party and get drunk
-Smokes the good stuff
-Has implants
-Loves long walks in the park, techno funk and guys with tattoos
-Although ditsy and too much of a partygoer, Kylie Johnson is a 26 year old certified doctor who graduated medical school at 24.
-Loves to play lazer tag
-Makes all of her patients feel uncomfortable and higly agitated
-Has had an eating disorder
-Drives a pick-up
-Has a Tigger tattoo
-Her stethoscope, clipboard and pen are always decorated
-Is allergic to cheesecake


-Has a best friend named Beth (Debra Wilson)
-During the "Sexism" sketch where Angela was seen in only shorts and a bra, Steph was purposely made to appear physically "unblossmed" to give her that 8th grade ugly duckling look
-Everything she does goes wrong
-Wears braces
-Doesn't understand why everything she does goes wrong
-Doesn't understand why she gets such low grades
-Is usually never taken seriously

Hope that helps Jim...anything else just ask!!

BTW...what about Vera or Dorothy??

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