Thread: [MADtv] 1st Madtv Academy Awards
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*host walks back out on stage*

Wow, that was exciting
At this very moment we have a large group of huge men prying the award from Blackwind's hands
If you don't see him for the next few days thats why

I think now is a great time to remember some of the good times of mad tv

*large screen drops down*

*laughter erupts from the audience*

*unfortunately host still has her microphone on*

"Who writes this bull****, i thought this was the actual Academy Awards, when i find my agent, i'm gonna kick his ass, and then i'll personally take care of that blacktree jackass.....what........blackwind...whatever and this audience ****ing sucks if i have to hear one more......."

*realizes mic is on, runs out on stage and big screen quickly goes up*

"um.......and cut, yep my rehersal is done, i was just reahersing, yep commercial break time, we'll be right back"