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Default Two VERY important issues

I'm sorry, folks, but I can't in all good conscience continue to post at this thread. Every time I browse it, all I see are glistening, cavorting naked boys...boys, boys, and more naked boys! You may be asking yourselves, "But mizzimad, where do you see naked boys?" A better question is this: where don't I see naked boys?" Ah, well, see you at the Guggenheim, Commies!

Seriously, though, I've lost a lot of respect for D.H., esp. since finding out that he tried to beat up on Pauly Shore, the single greatest Thespian of our time. Were it not for Pauly Shore, then we wouldn't have such film classics on...give me a minute, here...well, anyway, there are so many that I can't possibly count them all on one finger. Zero fingers, maybe, but...anyhoo, it just goes to show you that a comedy genius is never appreciated in his own time. But enough about David Herman...hehehehehehe.

Uh, I'm sorry. What were we talking about?

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