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Default Review

O.J. Plates: Not too bad. The highlight was the host saying that you can get the juicer completely free, just like O.J.

When We Knew...: Bryan was pretty funny in this one. The highlight was when he kept saying "I'm Super Pee Pee Man!", just because of how he said it.

Calvin Klein Ad #1: The ones later on in this episode are more funnier. The highlight was the announcer saying "hey cutie" to the baby.

Stop Smoking #1: Pretty funny, and that is a great way to get someone to stop smoking. I know anal rape would stop me from smoking if I smoked.

Oprah Winfrey: This one was ok. There have of course been better Oprah's, but it was good for now. The highlight was Oprah breaking through the Fox News picture to say how much worse she has had it with her face greasier than a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Swimming Pool: I really did like this one. I just love how the rules kept getting crazier and crazier, and when Philip's would ask something like if any of the situations had ever happened before, Lange would always say "these are just our rules". That line alone was the highlight.

Stop Smoking #2: This one was much better than the first one. I love Debra's reaction to watching the couches raping her cat. The highlight for me though was when Phil stood up and just asked the woman out of the blue "you like me in this suit don't you?"

Vague: The show with those guys and that stuff. This one was really great. The highlight was the answers to some of the questions, and when they left him there with no way out.

Calvin Klein Ad #2: Jemma delivering the pizza was pretty funny. The highlight was when Jemma opened the pizza box and the cameraman said "yeah, that's a sexy pizza".

Stop Smoking #3: I did like it that they switched it up a little, by having out of the therapists office, but this one wasn't as good as the other ones. The highlight was Orlando's face, as he listens to his toaster being raped.

Clueless of the Lambs: I really did like Nicole in this one. Her acting was spot on here. The highlight was the first few seconds when we see Clarice. That was some of Nicole's best acting.

Monologue-Dana Gould: I really don't like guest monologues. There just stand up performances with another name, and I don't think stand up performances belong on a sketch comedy show.

Don Martin-Harp Fall **Animation**: This one was actually not too bad. The highlight was the way they drew the woman being sliced up.

Nicole's Monologue: I found this monologue so funny because out of everyone, Nicole lasted longer than everyone except 1. Also, she must have been really happy that the not breakfast buying girl, her competition, the smoked turkey, the loose tongue, and the caring guy all went off the show. The highlight was her going on about the problems she has with each male cast member.

Movie Trailer: Kind of annoying.

Party of Five-Nicole's Visit: Pretty funny. The highlight was when she told Bailey that he should consider and older woman, and that Nicole could show him some very cool things. I don't care how old Nicole is (except if she's under 18) I would let her show me some very cool things anytime.

Spy Vs Spy-Slinky **Animation**: You know how I feel about Spy Vs. Spy's that don't have double crosses.

Debbie Dander-Seminar Training: This one was pretty good. The highlight was Debbie getting the drug bowl back and nothing being in it. Super terrific!

Calvin Klein #3: Not as funny as the last few.

Spy Vs Spy-Sunbeam **Animation**: Now this is the Spy Vs. Spy I like! Double crosses! The highlight was of course, the double cross! Way to go Black Spy!

Nicole Returns to MADtv: It was great to see the cast resent Nicole after what she said about them. The highlight was Nicole not only being cut out of Party of 5, but being cut out of MADtv.

Out of 110 stars, this episode got 69. That's about a C rating. An ok episode, but not as good as the last one.


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