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Default The MADtv Sketchies - Season 14 - VOTE NOW!

Well, the nominations are in, and after an overwhelmingly positive (if you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic here) 8 votes, we now it comes to the part everyone has been waiting for. The final voting. There are 3 choices for every category (except for the red carpet which has 2 and some that end up in ties (which there were surprisingly many)). You must all vote for ONLY 1 in any amount of the categories you choose to vote in. This will be the winner of the award they are nominated in and will go down in Planet MADtv history as such. All votes and nominations will be PMed to me through here.

To make my point get across better, here is what you all have to do You must all vote for 1 in every category you choose, and submit all your votes in a PM message to me here. IF ANY OF YOU POST ANY VOTES IN THIS THREAD YOU STAND THE RISK OF HAVING NONE OF YOUR VOTES GO THROUGH.

I am also announcing here that there will be a Lifetime Achivement Award given to someone who is very special to MADtv. It will be revealed with the winners.

So, without further adieu, here are the nominations for season 14 MAD Awards. Let's get MAD happy!

Best Male

1)Keegan-Michael Key
2)Eric Price
3)Matt Braunger

Best Female

1)Nicole Parker
2)Crista Flanagan
3)Erica Ash

Most Improved Cast Member

1)Johnny Sanchez
2)Bobby Lee
3)Arden Myrin

Best Looking Male

1)Eric Price
2)Keegan-Michael Key
3)Matt Braunger

Best Looking Female

1)Nicole Parker
2)Crista Flanagan
3)Erica Ash
4)Arden Myrin

Worst Castmember

1)Bobby Lee
2)Arden Myrin
3)Lauren Pritchard

Best Recurring Character (Male)

1) Johnny Sanchez- Nacho "Lil Joker" Hernandez (Episode 1403, 1407, 1416-1417)
2)Keegan-Michael Key- Coach Sandoval Hines (Episode 1401, 1406, and 1416)
3)Bobby Lee- Billy (Sesame Street) (Episode 1416)
4)Johnny Sanchez- Edward (Cottage Life with Carol and Jill) (Episode 1406, and 1415)

Best Recurring Character (Female)

1)Crista Flanagan- Jill (Cottage Life with Carol and Jill) (Episode 1406, and 1415)
2)Crista Flanagan- Luann Lockhart (Episode 1411)
3)Erica Ash- Cerise Muhammad (Episode 1411, and 1415)
4)Crista Flanagan- Wendy Walker (Episode 1406)

Best New Character(s)

1)Crista Flanagan- Jill (Cottage Life with Carol and Jill) (Episode 1406)
2)Arden Myrin- Carol (Cottage Life with Carol and Jill) (Episode 1406)
3)Erica Ash- Cerise Muhammad (Episode 1411)

Best Recurring Character Sketch

1)1406 Cottage Life with Carol and Jill #1-2 (Carol, Jill, and Edward)
2)1416 Coach Hines: Judgement Day #1-2 (Coach Sandoval Hines, Joseph/Terry Yaminashi, and Darnell)
3)1416 Sesame Street: Childhood Obesity (Gordon, Billy, Sally, and Vocabulary Girl)

Best Male Impression

1)Keegan-Michael Key- Barack Obama (Episode 1401-1402, 1404-1407, 1409, and 1417)
2)Crista Flanagan- Gilbert Gottfried (Episode 1407, and 1410)
3)Eric Price- Nigel Lythgoe (Episode 1401)
4)Johnny Sanchez- Carlos Mencia (Episode 1406, and 1410)

Best Female Impression

1)Crista Flanagan- Miley Cyrus (1410, 1412, and 1417)
2)Crista Flanagan- Mary Murphy (Episode 1401)
3)Nicole Parker- Britney Spears (Episode 1408)

Best Guest Star

1)1417- Mo Collins
2)1417- Debra Wilson Skelton
3)1417- Alex Borstein
4)1417- Will Sasso

Best Performance By Guest Star

1)1417- Mo Collins: Lorraine: Phone Volunteer
2)1417- Debra Wilson Skelton: Oprah Winfrey Gives Back
3)1417- Alex Borstein: Ms. Swan Gives Back
4)1413- Michael McDonald: The Best of Michael McDonald
5)1417- Will Sasso: Kenny Rogers Gives Back
6)1405- Shaffer "Ne-Yo" Smith: Flirty News

Best Episode


Worst Episodes


Best TV Show Parody

1)1405 I Love Lucy 2008 #1-3
2)1401 The Hills: New Roommate #1-5
3)1401 So You Think You Can Dance: President's Edition
4)1416 CSI Mayberry #1-2 (The Andy Griffith Show, Cops, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)
5)1417 Lorraine: Phone Volunteer (American Idol: Idol Gives Back)

Best Commercial Parody

1)1412 Para-Lym #1-2
2)1415 Sounds Like the 80's
3)1402 eHarmony #1-3

Best Music Video

1)1401 John Edwards: Viva La Cheata ("Viva La Vida")
2)1402 Ellen DeGeneres - I'll Kiss a Girl #1-2 ("I Kissed A Girl")
3)1408 Britney Spears: I'm More Wizer ("Womanizer")

Best Writing By A Castmember

1)Matt Braunger- Uncle Ed at the Airport (Episode 1405)
2)Nicole Parker- New Music (Episode 1407)
3)Nicole Parker- HNS Late Night (Episode 1414)
4)Erica Ash- Automated Service (Episode 1415)
5)Matt Braunger- Gym Desk Clerk (Episode 1416)
6)Erica Ash- Ribbon Cutting (Episode 1415)

Best Political-Themed Sketch

1)So You Think You Can Dance: President's Edition (Episode 1401)
2)Sarah Palin: Questions from the Audience (Episode 1403)
3)John McCain Learns How to Facebook #1-3 (Episode 1403)

Best One-Off Sketch

1)Flirty News (Episode 1405)
2)Uncle Ed at the Airport (Episode 1405)
3)Drunk Newsman (Episode 1406)
4)New to you Car Giveaway (Episode 1410)
5)ZAT Bros #1-2 (Episode 1412)
6)Stripper Intros #1-3 (Episode 1412)
7)Automated Service (Episode 1415)
8)Para-Lym #1-2 (Episode 1412)
9)Taggers (Episode 1415)
10)26th Annual AVN Awards #1, 3 (Episode 1415)
11)Gym Desk Clerk (Episode 1416)

Best Non-Conventional Sketch

1)1403- Eric and Matt Play Mad Men #2-3
2)1403- Red Carpet Segment: Arden at the Premiere of Eagle Eye
3)1414- 24 with Cheech and Chong
4)1407- Black Racket

Best Red Carpet Event

1)1401- Arden at the FOX Eco Party
2)1403- Arden at the Premiere of Eagle Eye

Best Show Open

1)1417- Oprah Winfrey Gives Back
2)1416- Bobby's Love Song
3)1401- Obama and McCain Introduce Season 14

Best Show Close

1)1417- Closing: 14 Years of Support
2)1401- Bobby Closes/The Hills Outtakes
3)1415- Keegan Thanks a Very Special Guest
4)1405- Nicole Closes
5)1407- Crista Closes
6)1411- Crista Closes
7)1412- Nicole Closes

Best “Best of Mad TV Episodes”
1)1404- Best of Sexy, Dirty, Politics
2)1409- Best of Christmas Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular
3)1413- The Best of Michael McDonald

Best Sketch

1)1406- Cottage Life with Carol and Jill #1-2
2)1403- Sarah Palin: Questions from the Audience
3)1408- Britney Spears: I'm More Wizer
4)1401- Coach Hines: Saturday School
5)1402- Ellen DeGeneres: I'll Kiss a Girl #1-2
6)1405- Flirty News
7)1407- Soup Kitchen Nightmares #1-2
8)1410- New to you Car Giveaway
9)1412- ZAT Bros #1-2
10)1414- New Words #1-3
11)1416- Sesame Street: Childhood Obesity
12)1416- Coach Hines: Judgement Day #1-2
13)1416- Nacho "Lil Joker" Hernandez Meets Jovan Muskatelle
14)1417- Oprah Winfrey Gives Back
15)1417- Lorraine: Phone Volunteer

Worst Sketch

1)1406- Rough Patch
2)1412- Fave 5's #1-3
3)1410- Fave 5's #1-3

These are your choices Planet MADtv. Choose wisely, as you decision may very well decide the fate of the world as we know it (probably not, but hey, you never know).


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