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You can't exclude the season six holdovers last season though, because they were aired as new material. They aired that Bunifa sketch in what was the sixth new episode shown in the season, so they didn't need to show again until later.
I can see what you're saying about Rusty, he's been on the show since the season four premiere. However, even if that's the case, he's really not THAT major of a character.. he's nowhere near the popularity that Vancome, Swan, Bunifa, Lorraine, Stuart, etc. all were. And it seems now that the only times they pulled him on the show was to interview a celebrity via This 'n' That, since he only had one normal sketch in season seven, and none in season six.
You could be right about the Bon Jovi thing though.. I seem to remember hearing something about that. Maybe they cut it out of episode #810 cuz it wasn't Christmas-y enough. I also think there was a Jenny Jones sketch was that was cut.. I remember in episode #805, they had Jenny Jones (Mo) saying "watch 'MadTV' next week with our very special guests The Strokes!" Since they had Jenny Jones (Mo) say this, you would assume they would be on a Jenny Jones sketch, but unfortunately we just got two godawful musical performances from them, which leads me even more to believe that they had to cut it out, because there's no reason for two musical performances.
And you could be right about the Drama Queen, she wasn't very well defined, which is surprising considering how much she was on last season. But still, because she WAS so frequent last season, and this character gives Stephnie a chance to show off, I'm a little skeptical of its retirement.
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