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Drama Queen - I really hope they keep this character, she's so funny. And it really showcases Stephnie's talents. I know some people complain that it was overused last season, which I kind of have to agree, it had five (I think) appearances last season. But still.
My favorite one was the Lender's Bagels commercial. You know, the one where she was in her dressing room getting all worked up into an emotional prep...and then she came on set and it was a 5 second Lender's Bagels commerical. That one was GREAT! Her other ones were good too, but that was by far my favorite Drama Queen sketch.
Rusty - I found Rusty to be VERY annoying. He was annoying in normal sketches, and I found This 'n' That very boring, and in seasons six and seven, that was the format he was usually in. I REALLY hope this character was retired.
Me too. The only good Rusty sketch that I've ever seen is the one where it is his 18th birthday and his dad sends him a prostitute (played by Susan Sarandon). But, This N' That With Rusty was just a sad, uncreative excuse to work celebrities into the show. I hope that Rusty is retired, it is WAY past his time.

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