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Question Are these recurring segments retired?

It's been 10 episodes, but a lot of recurring segments haven't been continued yet. It seems that they have toned down the recurring characters for season eight, usually only having one or two (if any at all) recurring segments per episode (except for episode #809). Have they decided that they were too overdependent on the recurring characters last season? Obviously though, Ms. Swan and Embarrassing Parents were retired because of Alex Borstein and Kathryn Fiore leaving the show.

Well anyway, say what you think about the possibility of the following segments being retired..

Politically Incorrect - I think if this segment was retired, it was because Andrew Daly left. But I think they should still continue it, and just have someone else play Bill Maher, since the majority of the sketches centered around the guests, not really Bill Maher himself. These were very funny in season seven, and it was a great way to showcase impressions. Again, I hope it returns.
Fightin' Ron - I didn't really like this character. Not to say that he was bad, but he was boring and repetitive. And I don't think anyone will miss this character too much anyway.
Drama Queen - I really hope they keep this character, she's so funny. And it really showcases Stephnie's talents. I know some people complain that it was overused last season, which I kind of have to agree, it had five (I think) appearances last season. But still.
[b]Walter and Amber (the crack addicts) - Like Fightin' Ron, I thought these characters were boring and repetitive. And also like Ron, I don't think they will be missed either.
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man - This character delivered some funny lines here and there, but on the whole I found him annoying. I will admit, the group therapy sketch in episode #723 was pretty funny, but that's because he was out of his usual format. Anyway, this character definitely needs to be retired.
Rusty - I found Rusty to be VERY annoying. He was annoying in normal sketches, and I found This 'n' That very boring, and in seasons six and seven, that was the format he was usually in. I REALLY hope this character was retired.

Anyway, your thoughts?
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