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Originally Posted by tarzapam View Post
omg that song of hers is truly awful.before i heard the song i had heard how its the perfect pop song etc etc,but its quite bad.she is quite hot however and i think i would be up for a 3some with her and russel brand
I like it because it just reminds me of that 80's type pop music. Back when music was really good. I would be up for having sex with her as well but I would hope Russell Brand would not be anywhere near there. I hate that unfunny ass!

I liked aubrey plaza during the presenting for the shit my pants(whatever) catergory.
She really loves playing that "I don't give a fuck about anything" character a lot. I think if she played a bubbly character after this it would be just the funniest thing because it would be such a departure from her usual characters.


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