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Originally Posted by PitaPockets View Post
I loved Tropic Thunder, but on a serious note, WHO LISTENS TO THEIR PARENTS ABOUT COMEDIES?
I already wasn't crazy about the movie from the beginning, so when my parents said that they couldn't even get through the whole movie because it was so bad, I looked at that as a reason not to see it.

How many times did the F-bomb drop during this show?
Holy shit. I curse a lot, but damn. It's like, the only way they can get through to the tween/teen demographic or something now?

Also, remember when movies like Pulp Fiction won Best Movie?
WTF is Twilight? I've never seen it, but I know it's so popular and made a shitload of money, so that lead actress should stop acting like a sullen **** and thank her vapid fans. How ungrateful.

Sandra Bullock wins a BS award because her husband fucked a nazi.
I really didn't like the f-bombs. F-bombs are ok at some points because that's just life, but if they have to keep bleeping it out, then it ruins everything. Like the scene with Will Ferrel and Mark Walberg. Mark Walberg wouldn't stop swearing, and because of the fact that they had to bleep it out all the time, you couldn't understand what they were saying, because the words that weren't bleeped out didn't make sense because you weren't getting the full sentence.

When I heard that the first Twilight was coming out 5 months before it did, and I started hearing people saying outside of context that they couldn't wait for it to come out because they loved the books so much, I knew this was going to never end. God I'm beginning to hate award shows. Twilight wins the MTVMA's every year, 30 Rock, the Daily Show, and Mad Men win the Emmy's every year. It's getting to the point where it's really not worth watching these shows anymore.

Yeah Sandra's ex fucking a Nazi does seem like the only reason she would get that. I mean look at the previous winners. Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Tom Cruise. She doesn't quite fit.

I think I just turned 40.
Welcome. I've been apart of the 40 before 40 club for years!


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