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I felt the show was average this year. I've seen better ones, like the 2005 one.

I liked Aziz Azari's hosting, but I found it a little odd that I think Tom Cruise may have had more screen time than Aziz, which is pretty bad if you are the host. I did like the character Tom was playing though. I haven't seen Tropic Thunder where I've heard he's from (mostly because my parents said it was just terrible), but I thought that this was a very interesting character. If a movie was made starring Les, I would probably see it.

Also, how bad was Kristen Stewart's award speeches. She sounded like a fill in child in an elementary school play.

The best speech had to be Ken Jeong's. It was so refreshing to see that kind of soft side to him after playing so many wacky characters, and even though for anyone else it would be really lame to cry accepting an MTV Movie Award, to see Ken show such love for his wife after all she's been through had to be hands down the sweetest and one of the best moments of the show.

The best part of the night however had to be Katy Perry's performance. I couldn't really hear it because I was too focused on her big, tanned and oiled up breasts juggling and almost busting out of her shirt. If I need to provide evidence, may I present exhibit A (or possibly DD)

To summarize my other feelings. Kiss between Sandra and Scarlett too short after painfully long lead up, like last year too many wins for Twilight, and 1 minute of Justin Bieber is one minute too long (a Justin Bieber hater, I'm so original).


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