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#1 Christina Aguilera: Keeps Getting Better, A decade of Hits

Me being a Fan since 1999, she is a 5 time Grammy award winner, has sold over 40 million records world wide, 5 #1 singles, and is by many the greatest voice of our generation, she has proved that her career Keeps Getting Better..

#2 Lil Wayne: That Carter III

Never was a fan of him, but too sell 1 million copies in just a week is something most stars do not do today, so i congrats to him

#3 Leona Lewis: Spirit

Coming out of X-Factor and winning it and going to have the first British Female album go number #1 is huge.

#4 T.I: Paper Trail

Back for his 6th album, Paper Trail is a instant hit for me, he has made 3 Hit singles of the album one featuring Riahnna

#5 Now that's what i Call Music 27!

The 27th Edition with hits from 2007-2008.
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