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Originally Posted by Jericho View Post
BTW, Iím familiar with Lacuna Coil. I just didnít know the name of the female singer. My friend loves Lacuna Coil. But the only song Iíve heard from them is ďHeavenís A Lie,Ē which I think is an old song. My friend says Evanescence is just a poppy version of LC, which I believe is true.
Yes, I think thats an accurate assessment. Lacuna Coil relies heavily on Cristina and to some extent, Andrea's technical singing ability as well as the instrumental ability of the band. In Evanescence, Amy Lee is a diva and her band doesn't really even need to be there, as they don't contribute much and nobody knows who they are.

Although, I will say that new LC (Karmacode) is a somewhat poppy version of LC


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