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At the moment, my "all-time" favourite movie is Waiting For Guffman. It's the movie I've seen the most times, (at least 20, I'd guess) and its one of very few movies that I *can* watch over and over again. It's the only movie in which I can find a obscure cultural reference, or a new hidden joke, in almost every viewing. The cast of this movie is absolutely phenomenal, from the flawless leads (Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, the AMAZING Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey and Fred Willard) to the supporting characters (Michael Hitchcock, Bob Balaban, Deb Theaker, to name a few) and two of my all-time favourite characters come from this movie, the brilliantly written and portrayed Sheila Albertson (Catherine O'Hara) and Corky St. Clair (Christopher Guest).

This movie is just so funny and enjoyable on so many levels, and above all it has alot of heart, which is important for any movie to be a success. You can tell that everyone involved really put everthing they had into their characters, and because the characters were improvised to a large extent, they have alot more soul and are much easier to identify with. My DVD has circulated right throughout my circle of friends, and not one has been disappointed. Although I'm sure they are sick of the constant references and quotes.

"What the city council did was really... give me a challenge, and it's a challenge that I am going to... accept. It's like in the olden days, in the... days of France, when men would slap each other with their gloves... say, y'know..."D'Artagnan!"... y'know, "how dare you talk to me like that, you!," and... smack 'em!"

Best movie ever, y'all. At least for now. Watch it.

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