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Watched 2 movies so far since 7 in the morning.

Another quirky movie from Wes Anderson. Stars Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray and small parts by all three Wilson brothers (Owen, Luke and Andrew).
It's about a boy that goes to an elite prep school where he makes up for his bad grades with extra curricular activities. He tries to impress a wealthy tycoon and a teacher he has a crush on but only ends up looking like a jackass.
This is a good movie but not my favorite by Anderson. I constantly find myself hoping that the protagonist gets screwed and he does, but it all seems ok in the end. Still worth watching.

Pieces of April
This was a really successful indie from 03 that stars Katie Holmes, Patricia Clarkson and Sean Hayes.
It's about a young woman who has invited her estranged family to her first Thanksgiving dinner.
This movie was... dare i say cute? Well, it was, because it ended in a mushy way. But that's not to say i didn't enjoy it. It's a great story about family. It also doesn't reveal subplots straight out. You're givin the pieces one by one untill you figure it out, and I like that.

It's all fun and games until someone gets punched in the throat.
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