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Default See Mad Stars Live

Legal Weed and Hookers
Sat. Mar 4th @ 10pm
all ages
UCB Theater
5919 Franklin Ave
for reservations click this

Special guests Josh Meyers(that 70's Show), Jordan Peele(MadTv), Nichole Parker (MadTV) Tami Seghar(writerMadTV)

Legal Weed and Hookers
A frosty Heineken, a pure joint, and a sack of mushrooms. For you that could be six to ten in a minimum security prison. For the cast of Legal Weed and Hookers that was Wednesday night.

For the last twelve years, Boom Chicago Amsterdam has rocked Holland and produced some of America’s newest and freshest comedy talents. Now, once a month like a comedy full moon, the alumni of Boom Chicago bring it to Hollywood's jaw with an all original, all new, all good time ha ha sketch comedy show: Legal Weed and Hookers. All that AND wicked improv jam at the end.

From topical satire to the zany silly silly, Legal Weed and Hookers is a full service comedy show. One that can only come from the mind of people who lived in a country with more than two political parties, bicycle lanes on every street and hookers with 401K plans.

it's retardulous
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