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Post Upcoming Lisa Arch Appearances

I recently recieved an email from Lisa Arch, outlining a few of her recently filmed, upcoming appearances. In no particular order:

On February 12th, she can be seen on E!'s "25 Greatest Chick Flicks"

A couple of months ago, she filmed "Hannah Montana" for the Disney Channel. The show stars Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter, and Lisa will be playing a high-strung photographer in an episode. The airdate is sometime in March.

Prior to the release of "Bewitched," Lisa hosted a special for Comedy Central's "Reel Comedy". She recently filmed another special for the show, this time on the set of the upcoming "Reno 911!: Miami" movie, which is set for release later this year. So don't expect this special to air anytime soon.

And finally, Lisa recently filmed a guest spot on UPN's "Half and Half" in which she will be playing a psychiatrist. Stay tuned for the airdate.

Thanks go to Lisa for providing us with the information. You can visit her website here to recieve her updates yourself.
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