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Default UBS Guy

  • Phil LaMarr ... UBS Guy: Jaq (17 appearances)


    Phil LaMarr play Jaq the UBS Guy, the hyperactive delivery man for UBS.


    102 UBS Guy: Pick Up & Delivery (Mary-Elizabeth)
    Jaq the UBS Guy delivers a package to Elizabeth.

    108 UBS: Promotion (Bryan-Andrew Turner, Mary-Ms. Kaskin, Debra)
    Jaq the UBS Guy is offered a promotion, but he decides to remain a delivery man.

    114 UBS: Wake (Nicole-Mrs. O'Malley, Debra)
    Jaq the UBS Guy attends the funeral of his former boss Mr. O'Malley.

    206 UBS: Date (Mary-Ms. Simmons, Nicole-Lily)
    Jaq the UBS Guy goes on a date.

    209 UBS: Vs Sped-Ex (Bryan-Sped-Ex Guy)
    Jaq the UBS Guy competes with his rival the Sped-Ex Guy.

    211 UBS: Superbowl Party (Bryan, David-Don, Orlando)
    Jaq the UBS Guy watches the Superbowl with his friends.

    219 UBS: Charity (David)
    Jaq the UBS Guy helps a homeless man beg for money.

    304 UBS: on Strike (Pat, Will)
    Jaq the UBS Guy helps to resolve a strike.

    309 UBS: Answering Machine
    Jaq the UBS Guy records his answering machine message.

    310 UBS: Xmas Party (Chris-Bob Henderson, Debra-Mrs. Parish)
    Jaq the UBS Guy attends a Christmas party.

    310 Planet of the Vancomes (Phil-Charlton Heston: George Taylor, Nicole-Vancome Lady: Kathy Wajanowski, Chris)
    Astronaut George Taylor returns to Earth 700 years in the future to find that everyone acts like, looks like, and worships the Vancome Lady; but Jaq the UBS Guy takes over as the ruler as she is sent back to the present day.

    319 UBS: Dentist (Debra)
    Jaq the UBS Guy goes to the dentist.

    403 UBS: Stud (Alex-Marjorie, Mo-Cheryl, Debra)
    While delivering a package, Jaq the UBS Guy impresses several women in an office.

    405 UBS: Open
    Jaq the UBS Guy opens the show.

    409 Jaq: Thanksgiving Monologue
    Jaq the UBS Guy shares his thoughts on Thanksgiving with the MADtv audience.

    419 UBS Guy: Video Store (Mo-Tina, Will)
    Jaq the UBS Guy rents videos for a friends bachelor party.

    508 UBS: Mitch Pileggi (Mitch Pileggi-himself)
    Jaq the UBS Guy meets The X Files's Mitch Pileggi.

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