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Open: Swan Sings Theme (Alex- Ms. Swan):

This was weird.......Was this supposed to be funny or something?

Ally McMeal (Will, Alex)

OMG I Loved this sketch! The whole meal thing that included a finger and that stuff that makes you puke i forget what its called, that was just too funny.........Alex as the mom giving the stuff to the girl so she can go puke after eating her meal was just too funny.

Turbo-product #1: Turbohaler (Alex, Andrew- Paul, Pat- Spishak Spokesman)

This was really funny. Good performances by all especially Alex and Pat who will always be the best Spishak Spokesman there ever was.

Goodnight Dad (Nicole- Mimi, Andrew- Brad, Michael- Mr. O'Malley, Mo- Mrs. O'Malley)

One word..........EWWWWWWWWWW........Seeing Michael with his ghastly pasty white skin in his dingy tighty whiteys was just wayy more than I ever wanted to see of him. Still a really funny sketch once I managed to get past that part.

Patch Kevorkian (Aries, Debra, Pat- Robin Williams: Patch Kevorkian)

This was good. Pat's Robin Willams impression was good, not as good as Frank Caliendo's but still good. Debra laughed just a WEE bit too loudly, kinda like she was overacting just a WEE bit.

Turbo-product #2: Turbopeep (Alex, Andrew- Paul, Pat- Spishak Spokesman) Just as hilarious as the first one. The whole deal with the wife gettin busy with the Spishak Spokesman was hilarious

Threshold (Michael- Steve, Nicole, Will) OMG Easily the funniest sketch of the night. Everyone Especially Nicole put in really good performances here.

Turbo-product #3: Turbowave (Alex, Andrew- Paul, Pat- Spishak Spokesman)


Change of Heart (Pat- Host: Chris Jagger, Phil- Michael Jackson, Alex- Debbie Rowe, Andrew- Jason McMahon)

This was weird and funny all at the same time. I love Phil's MJ Impression and the make up is good also.

Blameless in Boulder (Debra- Downtown Julie Brown, Pat- Tom Hanks, Nicole- Meg Ryan, Alex- Patsy Ramsey, Michael- John Ramsey, Mo- Nora Ephron(Director) )

This wasn't funny at all. It just progressively got worse as it went on.

Courthouse Steps (Alex- Susan Strang, Debra- Jenny Defino, Pat)

This was funny. Pat as the lawyer that kept getting Debra into trouble with all his jokes what not was just too funny.

Stepmom II (Alex, Michael, Debra)

THIS WAS REALLY FUNNY! I loved the whole premise of how the dad is replacing the real mom with a stepmom cuz he says the real mom is dying but she really isn't. Alex did a good job as the non dying real mom and Debra did a good job as the stepmom, especially at the end when at the "Funeral" for the not dead real mom she comes down the stairs in a wedding gown and they get married. HILARIOUS!

Encore: Sleaze Lawyer (Phil- Lonnie Bell, Aries)

I don't really remember this...........

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