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Default Episode S04E17 (Aired 1999-02-20)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Andrew Bowen, Mo Collins, Pat Kilbane, Phil LaMarr, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson
  • Open: Swan Sings Theme (Alex- Ms. Swan)
  • Ally McMeal (Will, Alex)
  • Turbo-product #1: Turbohaler (Alex, Andrew- Paul, Pat- Spishak Spokesman)
  • Goodnight Dad (Nicole- Mimi, Andrew- Brad, Michael- Mr. O'Malley, Mo- Mrs. O'Malley)
  • Patch Kevorkian (Aries, Debra, Pat- Robin Williams: Patch Kevorkian)
  • Turbo-product #2: Turbopeep (Alex, Andrew- Paul, Pat- Spishak Spokesman)
  • Threshold (Michael- Steve, Nicole, Will)
  • Turbo-product #3: Turbowave (Alex, Andrew- Paul, Pat- Spishak Spokesman)
  • Change of Heart (Pat- Chris Jagger, Phil- Michael Jackson, Alex- Debbie Rowe, Andrew- Jason McMahon)
  • Blameless in Boulder (Debra- Downtown Julie Brown, Pat- Tom Hanks, Nicole- Meg Ryan, Alex- Patsy Ramsey, Michael- John Ramsey, Mo- Nora Ephron)
  • Courthouse Steps (Alex- Susan Strang, Debra- Jenny Defino, Pat)
  • Stepmom II (Alex, Michael, Debra)
  • Encore: Sleaze Lawyer (Phil- Lonnie Bell, Aries)
  • Close: Michael & Cast

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