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Sweatin' to the O.G.'s: Even though I am extremely white, I did really like this one. I also loved seeing Heavy D, the man who created the theme song we all know and love in this one. The highlight was Russell and all the songs he had.

Lottery Losers #1: This was one of the best openings of the season, and maybe the best opening so far. The highlight was Artie telling Phil that doesn't have the financial balls to burp in public let alone act like an *******.

Lottery-Producers #1: The one and only time we saw Quincy on the show. The sketch wasn't particularly funny, but it was still good to see Quincy on the show.

Daytime Jane-Ellen: I didn't like these. They just weren't very funny.

Monologue-L.L.Cool J.: This didn't seem very much like L's style. I mean wasn't he the #1 rap artist in the world at this time? He should have sang.

The Octoroon: This one was hilarious! I just loved how it kept getting more and more absurd. The highlight was Blair saying things like "once you've had Octoroon, you'll be wantin more soon", him singing Octoroon Nation, and him saying that he is going to sue the restaurant for 1/8 its got.

Don Martin-Scalpel **Animation**: This was funny, but still.

Daytime Jane-Larry: This one was much better than the first one. The highlight was Bryan saying that Larry should have treated his wife better in the bedroom, and that if she did, she wouldn't have left.

MADtv Classic: Gump Fiction: I'm not going to rate this one, but I would just like to acknowledge how important this moment was. Only 8 episodes into there first season, and MADtv was already resorting to past sketches as filler. A tradition they would keep going into the end of their run. A very important moment in the show on one of the shows never liked traditions. The replaying of classic sketches.

Scat Chat: I didn't like this one because I didn't get what was going on. I still don't really know what happened.

Spy Vs Spy-Jail Spring **Animation**: Not too bad, but I don't know why the White Spy didn't see it coming.

UBS Promotion: I must say this was one of the more weaker Jaq the UBS Man sketches. The highlight was him looking around his new office, and saying that he never drinks coffee because he doesn't think caffeine is good for the average person.

Daytime Jane-Ed: It was ok, but the highlight was still the audience members still ragging on Larry not treating his wife better, which has nothing to do with anything.

Ejaculation Monologue: This was probably the best of these monologues, and it gave us a key to the beautiful temple of Nicole. If a man like say me wanted to impress Nicole while having sex with her (which for me is about as possible as A live t-Rex being found in this time) now I'll know what to do. Ejaculate early, and ejaculate often. And I would be sure to rock her world every time , which I would.

Fabulous--featuring RuPaul: This one was average, but the highlight was Nicole. She acted perfectly, and even though I think her with any other hair colour other than blond looks bad, she did look hot in this. P.S. Never for Quebec separation! I will be long dead in the ground before that day comes!

Don Martin-Rescue Plane **Animation**: Not that funny or original.

Lady Madness: This sketch was horribly annoying, which is why it's great! I absolutely loved Nicole in this one. She just did a great job! The highlight was Nicole in this who was absolutely great, and her alone is what gives this sketch a 5 star rating from me!

Spy Vs Spy-Dream Boat **Animation**: Alright, not as special as some other Spy Vs Spy's, but still ok.

Lottery Losers #2/Lottery-Producers #2: This was one of the better closings. The highlight was Debra, who was just running Phil on this. "I love chewing gum! I'm crazy about chewing gum! I chew, chew, chew".

Out of 95 stars, this episode got 55 1/2 from me. That's about a C- rating. Not one of there better episode, but there were a few gems in this one. This was really Nicole's breakout episode to me. She was so great, and starting with this episode is when she really started to show how great she would be, and why she deserved to be there. Well done Nicole. You are going to be a star on this show for a long time after this.


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