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Originally posted by sarducci
Cast: Bryan Callen, David Herman, Orlando Jones, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, Mary Scheer, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Special Appearance: Kato Kaelin and Joe Walsh.
  • LAPD Correct (Bryan, David, Orlando, Phil, Artie)
  • Nicole's Room (Bryan-himself, David-himself, Orlando-himself, Phil-himself, Artie-himself, Mary-herself, Nicole-herself, Debra-herself)
  • Quantum Dream Team (Bryan-Charles Manson, David-Robert Shapiro, Phil-Johnny Cochran, Artie-F. Lee Bailey)
  • Powerbook #1: Newt (Artie-Newt Gingrich)
  • Don Martin- Ice Cube Boy
  • Virtual Homeless (David, Phil, Artie-Newt Gingrich)
  • Bryan's Monologue (Bryan-himself)
  • Pick Up and Delivery (Phil-UBS Guy: Jaq, Mary-Elizabeth)
  • Spy Vs Spy-Gorilla
  • Phil's Monologue (Phil-himself)
  • Crimson Tide 2 (Mary-Shirley MacLaine, Debra-Whoopi Goldberg)
  • Post Office Massacre (Bryan, David-Mike Albrecht, Orlando, Phil-Bill Hazelton, Artie, Debra)
  • Powerbook #4: Snoop (Phil-Tupac Shakur, Orlando-Snoop Doggy Dogg)
  • Don Martin-Frog Legs
  • New Neighbors (David-Bert, Artie-Charlie Hathaway, Nicole-Jill, Kato Kaelin-himself)
  • Mary's Monologue (Mary-herself)
  • Air Guitar Store (Bryan-Tony, David, Orlando, Artie-Mongoose, Joe Walsh-himself)
  • Spy Vs Spy-Train
  • Powerbook #2: McVeigh (Bryan-Timothy McVeigh, David)
  • Close: Nicole's Room (Bryan-himself, David-himself, Orlando-himself, Phil-himself, Artie-himself, Mary-herself, Debra-herself)
Is someone trying to replace Mystere?

Anywho, you did a good job at doin those 4 WHO/WHATlike segment things. Lol

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