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*Any sketch that is supposed to be topical of the time will get an extra if I don't understand it.


Phone Sex: This was a really good sketch! I love Bryan's reaction to the fact that he is speaking to his mom. I wonder if this has ever happened in real life.

A.D.D. Girl #1: I'm not sure, but I think I heard that Mary actually has A.D.D. If so, it was nice of her to make fun of her condition. If not, that kind of makes it funnier. The highlight was when she brought out the tomato costume.

*NDI Vs AE&E; #1-Nicole: Didn't get it. Probably because there is a chance that both of these companies have been sold off, and changed names dozens of times by now.

Outing Dummy: Ok, but not a very ha ha sketch. The highlight was when Lumpkin started hitting on the guy in the audience.

Psychic Cop: Meh. Can't really think of anything to say for or against this one.

Spy Vs Spy-Tuba Bang **Animation**: Not White Spies greatest attack, but still good.

Debra and Debbie: This one didn't really work for me.

Racism Vs Spam: Just seeing Orlando work out the even obscure connections between racism and Spam was worth it for this one. The highlight was him moving around the letters for each to create something completely obsure.

First to a Million #1: This was a great parody for game show standards. The highlight was Judy saying that the game is pointless, only to have Peter come back at her to tell her to please be patient, because he has seen people come back from worse.

Don Martin- Wish Bone **Animation**: I don't like Doc Martin cartoons, and this one was just so wierd.

First to a Million #2: Still good. The highlight was when Peter scoffed off Ben's question of dinner.

Apollo the 13th: Not that great. The highlight was Artie's Ed Harris. It wasn't particularly that good, but it was funny.

Phil's Mulatto Monologue: Phil fighting for Mulatto's everywhere. How could this go wrong? The highlight was Phil in a Nigerian shirt, and a Scottish kilt. What a funny combination!

Don Martin- Blow Up Girl **Animation**: Alright, but you all already know my feelings about Don Martin cartoons.

Cookin' With Sherry: Not too bad. The highlight was Sherry's extreme knowledge in the field of drugs, and how to use them.

Circus Guy: So right. The circus has gone downhill. Now everyone’s too safe. Remember carousel’s in the old days? They use to have golden rings that hung from the edges of the carousels. If you grabbed a ring, you would win a prize, but you risked personal injury. Now that was entertainment!

Homeland Improvement: Not very funny. I didn't like the real show, and I didn't like this. The highlight was Tim shooting Wilson in the head.

*NDI Vs AE&E; #2-Woman: Got nothing really to say about this one.

Rolling Stones Video-Like a Rolling Stone: Why did this air on MADtv? This is totally not the kind of thing MADtv does.

A.D.D. Girl #2: Not too bad. Good for the closing.

Out of 100 stars, this episode got 60 1/2. That's about a C- rating. Not that bad of an episode, but the cast and writers are clearly still trying to find their footing. They'll find it. They'll find it.


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