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Good for you! I'd give anything to be able to see a taping and meet the cast. I'm so jealous! Unfortunately I live in Columbus Oh so it makes it very difficult. I would have to plan a whole, expensive vacation around it. I'm trying my best to get my stuff together to be able to afford a trip to Cali~maybe sometime next year..? That would be a dream. Anyway can you give somemore details about who all you met, did you get to talk to them long? I want all details!! I can't believe Taran is only 19!! He seems older to me for some reason. I would love to meet Will too-he's my favorite castmember. I have another question--since the tix are free who does the seating arrangements? I notice on the show that there are seats around the stage, then there are others stadium style away from the stage. Is it first come first serve..? Or do you have to bribe?! Glad you had a great time!
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