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Default new recurring characters

I hate Stephnie Weir and all of her sketches/characters. They barely make me laugh. I wish they would just kick the weirdass off the show and bring back Nicole Sullivan. (no offence to people who like her)

I do agree that Stuart and Swan were funnier before. I watched last weeks ep. and I found Stuart's Valentine very unamusing.
Swan Airplane was quite lame for a Ms. Swan sketch, even if Nicole Sullivan and Phil Lamarr were in it, they did pretty much nothing.

And we need less Trina. If Mo keeps up that thing where she puts her finger on her nose, it's going to be crooked pretty soon.

Here are (some of) my favourite quotes:

You're not gonna be needing my candy, cause you're gonna be getting a big chocolate bar later!-Vancome Lady to a couple of gay guys

Don't let me break my foot off in yo' ass!-White Mama

I tell you every-ting...he looka like a man!-Ms. Swan

Look what I can do!!!-Stuart

What is it STTUAAAAAAAAAAARTTT!?-Stuart's Mom (Doreen Larkin)

Well, yo-ho-ho and a little tight bum!-Vancome Lady to the gay guys (I can't help it; that sketch cracked me up!)

There'll be more to come in the near future, I just have to get up and look for them.
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