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I forgot to put this in. Here's a list they should consider....

Michael's characters....
Mickey- should only appear once a year as usual
Ron- too annoying, should go, only worked once or twice
Marvin- not that funny anymore, only worked a few times
Rusty- needs to go back to old roots, but should stay
Stuart (and Mom)- appears too often for writing to stay totally sharp, but still funny and should stay.

Mo's characters....
Trina- still extremely funny, writers to blame for any problems
Lorraine- still hilarious, endless possibilities, writers to blame for any problems.

Stephanie's characters....
Dot- funny BUT not easy to come up with ideas for this. She should appear on Kids Say the Darnest THings or Millionaire.
Mrs. Campbell- Everything is great with her, she's not being over run either.

Debra's characters....
Bunifa- not ideas that are running out but her routine is starting to get old but I think she's still great.
Tovah (and Belma-Aries)- Starting to get over run a bit but there needs to be a special kick extra to help improve Reality Check.
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