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*Implies an automatic due to the fact that I could not get it because it was made for the time.


A very happy birthday to Nicole Sullivan. I don't care if she was a man, I would still do her. Yes I would.


LAPD Correct: Ok, but not the best. The highlight was Herbert going on the 1 word rant.

Nicole's Room #1: This was a great sketch. I love Nicole's reaction after they keep finding everything. The highlight was Artie saying that he loved the movie Nicole was in Persian Love Chain. I love it because I have a strong feeling Artie may have masturbated to that movie due to his reaction.

*Quantum Dream Team: It was ok, but a little hard to follow. The highlight was F. Lee Bailey going on and on as time just went with his ramblings having no meaning.

*Powerbook #1: Newt: Ok, but not really that funny.

Don Martin- Ice Cube Boy **Animation**: One joke that wasn't really that funny.

Virtual Homeless: Not very funny. I mean I didn't laugh at all on this one.

Bryan's Monologue: It was ok, but the highlight was him doing all of his fighting moves. Bryan had some great facial expressions.

Pick Up and Delivery: The beginning of Jaq the UBS guy. This one was the best sketch of the night. Phil was so on the ball in this. The highlight was Phil jumping around and when he said "think, think, think".

Spy Vs Spy-Gorilla **Animation**: A good Spy Vs. Spy.

Phil's Monologue: Not too bad, and I could understand Phil's pain. The highlight was when he mentioned that he has played a guy named Marvin, because that was his character from Pulp Fiction.

Crimson Tide 2: Good. The highlight was Mary's acting in this one. She must have had a lot of experience with PMS.

Post Office Massacre: I really liked this one. David's acting was great, along with Phil's. The highlight was David revealing who he actually was. So great.

*Powerbook #4: Snoop: When I looked up the title for this sketch, this came up. I don't know why though, because it wasn't the 4th one of these, and Tupac was in this too. The highlight was Orlando's Snoop. It was good, but then again it's not that hard to pull off a Snoop Dogg impression.

Don Martin-Frog Legs **Animation**: I don't like Doc, but this one was actually funny.

New Neighbors: Funny. The highlight was Timmy going up stairs but just before he does he says "I love you Uncle Charlie".

Mary's Monologue #1-2: Funny, but I think it could have been better if they gave Mary something better to do. This was like the shortest Mono of all the Mono's. The highlight was the commercial cuts.

Air Guitar Store: Good acting on the part of all the main actors, but not really that funny. The highlight was David's air guitar playing.

Spy Vs Spy-Train: Small but not sweet. It was really too short and there was no duping. What makes these Spy Vs. Spy cartoons great is when you think a spy is going to get it, but then it turns out to happen to him.

*Powerbook #2: McVeigh: I don't really know who McVeigh is. Also, why did they use an unnamed actor to play the Unibomber? No one else in the cast could do it.

Nicole's Room #2: Ok, not the funniest thing ever, but really good for filler. The highlight was Mary's reading. She really drew me in, but then again with Nicole's diary it's not like I need a draw in.

Out of 100 stars, this episode got 63 1/2. That's about a C rating. A much better episode than the previous one with a lot of good memorable sketches. Clearly MADtv is breaking in for the over 15 year (fingers crossed) run.


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