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Default MADtv Exclusive Access: Crista Flanagan


Crista: The first time I really performed that I remember I created something and I showed people, was my 6th Grade talent show and I did a Beach Boys song. I did a lip sync. “Fun Fun Fun ‘til My Daddy Takes the T-Bird away” and that’s not the words, but I was kinda like that. And um, I performed that, and it was such a high, like we did it on a Friday night. I was so happy with myself all weekend. Then I came in Monday, and everyone was like “Good job Good job” (thumbs up) And so I was like “Yeah yeah Fun Fun Fun ‘til my daddy takes the…” And then the teacher said “The talent show was Friday”

“Funny Dances”

Crista: Well the first few jobs that I had in Los Angeles. I moved here. My very first job was on E.R. My second job was on The Practice. I started off in scripted shows and that’s what I was used to. It was great. It was totally great. But when you come here to MADtv, I was telling my mom this on day… that I said, Do you remember when I was in grade school and I’d invite all my friends over and we’d make up funny dances in the yard? I said that’s what I do. I go to work. I go to MADtv and I make up funny dances, and I talk in silly voices, and people like it! And they say good job. It’s just very strange, but it’s awesome.

“Luanne Lockhart”

Crista: We would listen to the comedians, and they were terrible, and—not all of them, not all of them. And some of them were so bad, I’d never really experienced stand-up. I’ve never gone to the clubs, that kind of thing. But I decided that one night I was gonna do stand-up, and so during the rehearsal, it was just my friends in the audience, and I went up on stage, and I just started saying some really inappropriate things. Like, “yeah I’m recently”… all the stereotypes, you know. “yeah I’m recently single, but that’s okay ‘cause my boyfriend hit me” Until it just got worse and worse, and I just ended up sobbing on the stage. Everyone said You gotta do this. And I did. I started going to stand-up clubs, and I started doing my little set of bad jokes.


Crista: Recurring characters I have… Luanne. We’ve taped another Luanne. Um, Krumpin’. We’ve done a couple of those, and then Crafty Gals. We’ve done those. I usually do original kind of characters. That’s what I kind of did before I came here, and I’m new to the impressions, but I’m starting to have a lot of fun with that.


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